Our Services

Property Management
To ease operations and maintenance of our residences and commercial developments Arsuday Group provides property management services on an open book-cost plus management fee basis. This ensures capital and rental values are enhanced over the years. The property management of every development of Arsuday Group continues to rest with Arsuday Group through the lifetime of the project.

Development Management
Our portfolio, over the past few years, has grown from single buildings to corporate campuses, from just a few acres to over hundreds and in the process we have acquired considerable skills in various aspects of property development. Leveraging this expertise, we also offer Development Management Services. This entails providing an owner or investor effective and efficient management of a project, however large, including a development team in-house to manage the entire process.

Arsuday Group also works with a number of internationally recognized project management firms leveraging this expertise. The team that we put together will act as an extension of the investor’s firm, providing management, coordination and administrative strategies. This way, the investor is able to maximize value from the development while having complete control over the process.

Customized Solutions
With every project we, at Arsuday Group, provide our clients with unique solutions, built to the highest industry standards. By understanding your needs, uses and space requirements, we are able to offer complete solutions from incubation spaces and plug-and-play facilities to built-to-suit developments.

We have, over the years, gained expertise to develop built-to-suit solutions as per international standards including American, European and Australian standards.

With our expertise in space planning and management, we are able to provide you with options for any future expansion that you may foresee, within a building or the development park, in phasing out the development.